Rachit Vora, born and brought up in the very known city which never sleeps “Mumbai”. He whose family is into Business and Stocks is different from all and held high interest in Art since childhood. After schooling he tried his hands on playing with numbers as a family tradition, but obviously his destiny decided something more creative for him. His name itself means “The Creator”.

A man very thankful to his family to support and let him follow his dream. His councilor Ms. Jayanti Ghose who introduced him to this creative and different career cannot be forgotten.

Rachit studied Applied Art and got introduced to advertising and photography in the process. He assisted Rohan Shrestha to master the art of photography. According to him creating a photograph is a very exciting journey. Inspiration is all around us, all you need is a different perspective and understanding of Art. This is not inherent in everyone.

He is a man with a vision inspired from his understanding of life…